Thursday, January 24, 2013

The wise words

By Couple of Computer Science greats who have taught me so far...

1) No good deed ever goes unpunished

2) You can choose to have a life, I chose career instead.

3) Being a professor is no better than being in a rat race, its just that this rat race has better conditions than other rat races.

4) Working in the industry means promoting slavery.

5) Time needs to get through anyhow, why not work?

6) If you are dumb, you have to be thorough

7) What I say always works.

8) Life is a big trade off

9) Mind is a terrible thing to waste.

10) Worst thing to have in life is a supermodel, what you want is short and fat. (context- explaining the concept of locality)

11) You can only be brilliant once per day

12) So it does the obvious thing which is always a wrong thing.

13) The key is the freedom from frustration

14) When the lessons of history are forgotten, we are doomed to repeat one.

-Many more to come..

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