Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Phenomenon called "HARSH"

7:23 PM       Harsh: dude
  Agent Vinod sucks
  dont watch
 me: :D
 Harsh: i got 5 reviews
 me: i expected
  trailors were only pathetic
  dil mera muft ka bole
 Harsh: :D
7:24 PM me: i like tht pungi song though :D
 Harsh: saala, if we want to watch a Bond movie we'll watch a Bond movie
  better guns, better chics, better everything!
 me: :D lol
 Harsh: saala, yeda Saif, and Bebo with her clothes on
  who wants to watch!
 me: i know. balls man
7:25 PM Harsh: u know why Saif has a beard
 me: not really
 Harsh: so ppl dont get confused ki heroine kaun hai
 me: :D
  but man
  u shud have watched
  i would have loved to read a full M+B review on ur blog like rockstar
7:26 PM Harsh: haahaa
  that Rockstar review is still discussed in my office
 me: lol
  in my office too
  u r popular
 Harsh: \m/
  now if only i can convert that into money!
  or more hot women wanting the Harsh Experience!
7:27 PM :P
 me: free ke entertainment ki aadat hain idhar logo ko...
  paisa waisa bhool ja
 Harsh: accha
  at least hot women ko bol de ki Harsh Experience is free
  dil mera moft ka
 me: lol
  dil ke dukandaar hain dusre bhi
7:28 PM Harsh: dil lo, dil do... but no dildo!
 me: lol
  reminded me of Shaitan
  dildo pagal hain
7:29 PM Harsh: haahaa
7:31 PM me: do u listen to old hindi/?
 Harsh: i do listen to old songs
 me: okie
  i'll forward u one medley
7:33 PM Harsh: cool
  epic line
 me: sent!
7:34 PM Harsh: "Men with boobs and women without... plz do not upload sleeveless shirt pics on a beach"
 me: lol
  whose line
 Harsh: original
 me: waah waah
  who uploaded
 Harsh: havent uploaded... too dirty for FB
  blog par daalunga later
7:35 PM me: but its fine na.. boobs and sleeveless big deal
 Harsh: nahi yaar
  waise bhi desh ki gareebi dekhkar dukh hota hai
 me: thik hain thik hain if u say so :D
 Harsh: who is singing this?
 me: no clue
  found random recording
7:36 PM Harsh: kya baat hai
 me: amazing songs in there
7:37 PM Harsh: its Atif Aslam
 me: r u sure. these days many sing like him
7:38 PM Harsh: no no... sure its him
 me: when he goes high pitch.. it makes me believe its aatif. but lower notes m not so sure
7:39 PM Harsh: in real life he sounds like this only
 me: :D
  u wud know better
 Harsh: yep... only a bathroom singer can identify another
 me: :D
 Harsh: this chat is back to our legendary levels
7:40 PM me: i think the level never dropped just the frequency of chats reduced :D
 Harsh: true!
  satyavachan bolbachan!
 me: abhishek bachpan
7:41 PM Harsh: search for more rhyming words has failed
 me: :)
7:44 PM lol
  check this
7:45 PM :D
 me: :D

27 minutes
8:13 PM Harsh: dude... btw... when r we meeting
  rather... when r u treating?
 me: :D
  soon dude
  let me get over with the visa formalities
  i wud be resigning by jun
  and have to go in August
 Harsh: k
8:14 PM me: we will meet before jun
8:15 PM Harsh: yyaaaaayy!
 me: lol
Today words fall short to express my feelings. I think this last chat with him sums up everything he was! Witty, Clever, one who actually knew Music without playing an instrument, Truly high on LIFE!  His disability was not even the last thing that could remind you of him. And that's one life, worth lived! Last line in the chat irks me, irritates me, I hate it, it fills me with disgust and sorrow, Not because I couldn't meet him before June, I did finally go there today  to meet him but when I reached, he wasn't there, he had tricked me in his usual way, I could imagine him laughing on me from up in the Heavens and saying, "Dudeeee, you fell for that trap? ha ha, gotcha.."

Dedicated to the phenomenon called "Harsh" which will keep inspiring generations for years to come... 
Rest in peace Brother... You have finally won...

                                                                                  Harshvardhan  Pande                                                                   

                                                                        7th January 1988- 23rd April 2012


Anshul Nagori said...

I will keep this post bookmarked all my life !!
Harsh, you were truly a Super Human...

Aaaaaakash said...

Blogosphere cannot be complete without him...