Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Heartbreaking SOLO from Sachin :(

Felt like writing today after a long time.

Reason is another heart throbbing Solo by Sachin... but the fact that his another solo turned out to be heart breaking.

India Vs Aus, 5th Nov, 5th ODI, Venue Hyderabad.

There has been a long lasting debate on whether Sachin is the greatest ever player, even in my office. FYI, I'm a die hard Sachin fan but the fact that after yesterday's game every die- hard Sachin follower was sad.

Now, there are those blind followers of Sachin whom will say that we expect Sachin to single handedly win the game, other players did nothing , no one supported him, even upto the extent that hyderabad's ground is so called manhoos ground for India.(India has never won a match in hyderabad).

Of course, he played like a maestro out there, tearing apart Aussie attack. When our so called batsmen were throwing away their wickets like fools , Sachin was coping up with the every single wicket's fall and keeping up the runflow going.

The almost impossible target of 351 came in the vicinity thanks to Sachin. His 175 was his 2nd ever best score in ODI's. When he was batting you could notice pressure on Ponting's face. He could see Australian defeat.. And how demoralising it would have been for Aussies to lose a match after scoring 350.

Man, his shots were a visual treat. But it has been argued since long that he is not the finisher of the game. Of Course u won't expect an opener to go and finish every game. But when it really mattered ,, when India needed 19 to get off 17..with 4 wickets in hand..

The GOD just had to make sure that he stays on the crease.. See India through. (For those who would say u cant expect him to single handedly win the match for india,-->) That moment wanted him to stay back.. Not for his greatest 200 or his 17000 but for his team to win... That moment it was not about scoring runs under pressure. Aussies were under pressure.

I really feel, Those true followers of Sachin were left in disdain after the match. The frustration of India losing has to be more than Sachin scoring 175 or 17000.. If he is the GOD, Gods don't leave their team in a miserable condition exposing the tale to get those odd 19 runs.

Yesterday's match refreshed the memories of that India vs Pak test match when Sachin got out with India to get 17 runs and we lost the match. It looked like the same miserable Team India of 90's where without Sachin the GOD they can't win, and GOD again proving that he is not really the GOD to save them in every situation.

Sachin is truly the greatest ever batsman where he might go on to score 20K runs in ODIs and 50 hundreds in each test and ODI's but arguably not the greatest ever cricket player who could see his team through when it really mattered.

On an optimistic note, I really hope that next 2 matches turn out to be good.

I really want Sachin to play 2011 world cup and win it for india, For the great player who has played 5 world cups, this will surely be a grand exit.

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