Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st day at Nvidia. Truly memorable(15th june 2009)

Finally , am again writing a post. :)
Its about my 1st day at Nvidia as an employee or I should say NCG( New college Grad).
The company culture is just too cool. Earlier when i had a meeting with my manager, he asked me to come by 9 am on first day. As said i reached on time, but not to my surprise, i had to report to the HR first.
HR introduced us (me along wid other NCG's ) to the company culture, different departments in company, then some formalities, followed like, opening a bank account, PF, etc. (Oh, FYI, i have a chequebook now) :)
Time went by, it was 12 30. We were told to have lunch and then resume the session.
I thought , today's gonna be all this timepass stuff and work will start tomorrow only. Lunch was too good (My fav Punjabi Kadhi pakodas :))
After the lunch, HR asked us to head to our respective teams. So by 2 30 , I was with my team.(cant write in details here, its confidential :))
Now, here i was, thinking of doing tp whole day, suddenly landed up at my cubicle, surrounded by HD desktops and highly configured machines.
So I started working, (cant reveal anything abt the work also :) )
Didnt realize how time elapsed and suddenly it was 9 30 p.m.
Then I thought of leaving, But there again came a twist.
My mentor during internship, Avinash knows that I play guitar well. He also got inspired and started learning. He keeps his guitar in company only. Practices at night and on weekends. He told abt this to my buddy, Uday and to my surprise, asked me to play something .
First , i was taken aback, I asked him whether there will be any problem?
He said no .. and Uday also agreed.
So I started slowly with lower volume..:) but once I picked up the rhythm I was in full flow and everyone surrounding me and listening.
Uday had a handycam. He started recording.
I think the sound was loud enough, Soon the security guys arrived .. they also started listening.
Avinash was still forcing me to play few nore songs.
I said "Bass kar yaar, This is my first day in company and What am I doing?"
Thats it
left the company at around 10 30 pm.
Was a memorable day.
Basically the 1st day of professional life. 14:30 hrs in company
Still My fatigue was all over by then.
It was wonderful.
You can imagine, How great it must be ,that I felt like writing on my blog after 7 months ;)


Rambo said...

Good going dude !

Aaaaaakash said...

Thnx man!!!

Harshvardhan Pande said...

good stuff man, even though i had hrd the story frm u first hand, i read the post with interest. keep havin fun n dont take 7 month long breaks while blogging, u have no excuses ;)

Manvi said...

the post is actuallly a perfect example of how much pple can show off!!! :P

Aaaaaakash said...


U r right..

Anuprit said...

A memorable day indeed! Keep ruling with your shades of rock. And a long break from blogging, dude!

Aaaaaakash said...

@ anuprit
Ya dude!
I'll try to keep blogging frequently hencforth

Niki said...

sahi hai yar
first day sehi logoko ungaliyo pe nachana shuru kar diya tune to
good going keep it up...