Tuesday, May 17, 2011

N72--- 24th Oct' 2005 to 12th May 2011-- May your soul rest in peace!!

Yeah. Its true. I have lost my buddy.. My Nokia N72. One buddy who was with me through thick and thin during engineering days and even during job for almost 2 years.
Still remember the craze for Nokia N series phones when they were launched and reaction of my friends on seeing the phone.
16k-- that time for N72--- can't even imagine now!
It had made me the the only "camera phone guy" during those days. :)
Also it was a birthday gift to me by my parents.

Lotta memories associated with it.
It clicked some of my most memorable pics till date. With headphones always ON, it always made my 12km ride to college soothing and equally rocking and that too everyday!
Anyway.. time for a new phone now .. Suggestions are welcome :)

"for what its worth.. it was worth all the while..
I hope you had the time of your life!! "

 My Nokia N72
(Oct 2005-May 2011)

May your soul rest in peace!

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