Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Experiments with Guitar

Yesterday,  got hold of my guitar after a long time. Its difficult to catch up with professional life in full flow. 
Still , I have something to share with you guys today.I have been trying this on guitar since long time. Kinda perfected it sometime back. I don't know exactly what to call it.
But its a genuine try to generate some classical Indian music out of a western instrument like guitar.
Thought always came to my mind , How would Indian classical sound on a guitar?
Indian music in films has given this western instrument its own identity but still Indian classical on guitar?? Thought was fascinating so gave it a try.
I haven't learnt Classical as such, but from What I have heard till now, I could figure out that, the form of music I'm trying to generate on my guitar in the following video, has shades of Indian Classical instrument Sitar..
(Or is it? called something else?)
Its isn't really difficult to play, basically I'm trying to play all "Swaras" or "notes" in one Scale, also accompanying it with the rhythm with the help of B and G strings with all notes being played on E string.
Listen to it and let me know your views.
Hope you guys like it, its one of my experiments with my guitar :D
Note: Video quality might not be good as I had to reduce its size to upload it.


Sabi said...

awsm dude...loved it...gr8 work ther

Aaaaaakash said...

Thanks Man.

sneha said...

Awesome nice one

Aaaaaakash said...

Glad that you liked it

avya said...

nice experiment man, keep it up

Aaaaaakash said...

Thanks dude

Anshul.... said...

Really a nice creation :)
How about playing in the convo?? ;)
Would like to hear it live.
See u

Aaaaaakash said...

No man.
After the flop show of "Purani Jeans and Guitar" at Farewell,
You want me to perform this classical thing at convo?. no way!!!

I hope you were joking :D :D

pranoti said...

Nice one.
it's sounds exactly like a Sitar.

Aaaaaakash said...

@ Pranoti.
Thanks for the appreciation

Ameya said...

hey nice one..enjoyed listenin to such a gud piece tht u played...kip it up..

Aaaaaakash said...

@ Ameya:
thanks man