Sunday, June 6, 2010

Raajneeti --- taken from MAHABHARAT?????

The much hyped movie ...Like every other bollywood movie.. released this friday..
I don't want to get into the review of the movie, whether the direction was right, screenplay was right, Whether Ranbir did justice to the role... Not into all that..

The thing is that movie is strikingly similar to Hindu epic - Mahabharat..
Don't know , how many of you guys have seen Mahabharat actually...
But If you have, then surely you would have figured out this..

Think about, Nana Patekar as Krishna, Ranbir as Arjun, , Kunti-- Ranbir's mom..
Ajay Devgan- Karna, , Manoj Bajpayee -- Duryodhan, and If not very similar, Katrina as Draupadi..(the drama that goes on regarding her marraige with all different cadidates whom her dad want to finance for elections..)

What else,
1) When Ranbir (Arjun/ Sammar ) is in dilemma of whether to kill "Nihatta" Ajay Devgan (Karna / Suraj), Then the similar speech given by Nana Patekar (Lord Krishna ), That "Nyay anyaya ki baat mat socho, ise marna jaroori hai"..

2) When Ranbir's mom, goes to Suraj, (Ajay Devgan) to tell him that he is her son, the dialogue was like "Tum mere Jeshtha putra ho".. I think it was directly picked up from Mahabharat :D

These are just some of the examples, Watch the movie if you wanna figure out real similarities :D

If this movie is good or not, I'll leave that to you guys..
But it is surely a ditto copy of Mahabharat....


Saurabh said...

gudd observation, must see this one

Aaaaaakash said...

thanks man..
Why r u HBK btw?